Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Chocolate Tasting

Are any of you familiar with the Slow Food Movement? I found out about a Chocolate Tasting that the local "convivium," as they call the chapters, was having and said "That's for me!" My hubby and I went this afternoon. After a brief talk about the varieties of cacao trees and the process of making chocolate, we had a tasting where we sampled a half dozen different kinds of chocolates. The beans were grown in different countries, and the chocolate was manufactured in different countries. They were all dark chocolates, from 53% to 75% cacao. My favorite was a 70% cacao chocolate made in Belgium by the CacaoBerry company from beans grown in Saint Domingue, S.A.

After the comparative tasting, we feasted on desserts including a beautiful Bouche de Noel chocolate log complete with merengue mushrooms and chocolate curls, polenta cookies with chocolate nibs (raw ground cacao beans), truffles, chocolate cake, etc. This wasall served with a fortified red dessert wine from France. Lovely! I actually couldn't finish my plate of desserts because it was so much chocolate. Needless to say, this chocoholic was in hog heaven.

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