Thursday, February 10, 2011

The All Mystery! Newsletter

I've subscribed to the All Mystery! monthly email newsletter for awhile now, and I really enjoy reading it when it arrives in my inbox. Each month has a theme, such as "Romance and Murder" for February and "The British are Coming!" for January. The newsletter highlights a few mystery authors with new releases that match the theme, gives information about and review blurbs for their books, provides BUY links for the books, and lists the websites of all the authors featured in previous issues. It's short and sweet and interesting.

I recently contacted the editor to see if I could arrange for my 2011 releases to be featured in future issues. She was very friendly and accommodating. So, Deadly Currents will be featured in the June "Murder At Work" issue and the paperback/e-book release of A Real Basket Case will be featured in the December "Cozies for Christmas" issue. If you're interested in mysteries, I suggest you sign up to receive this free e-newsletter! Also, you can read the back issues for free at the website.

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