Monday, February 07, 2011

My Author Website

For those of you who found my blog directly or from Facebook/Networked Blogs or any route that wasn't through my author website, you may not have seen my author website in awhile or at all. In anticipation of the March 8 release of the first book in my RM Outdoor Adventures mystery series, Deadly Currents, my website guru husband has made quite a few upgrades to the website.

All of the stops on my March virtual blog tour are listed HERE (along with a photo of me rafting the Royal Gorge in Colorado). I'll be running a contest for a free copy of the book for those who comment on my guest posts or interviews on the tour, so this is an easy way to find out where I'll be each day.

And, if you want a chance to visit with me in person, all of my personal appearances that have been confirmed to date are listed HERE. As new appearances get confirmed, they'll be added. I love to talk to fellow mystery readers, so please visit me at one of my events if I'll be near you!

If you're curious about Deadly Currents and would like to learn more, please visit its Book page HERE. You'll find a summary, reviews and blurbs, excerpts, and discussion questions for your book club if you decide to read and discuss it together.

Elsewhere on the website, you can sign up for my email newsletter, find out about me personally, and more.

Now, I'd like to ask for some feedback. What do you think of the website? Our goal was to make it very easy to navigate. Did we succeed? Is anything missing that you would like to see there? What suggestions do you have for improving it? Thanks!


Kate Gallison said...

Looks good, Beth. Navigation is easy. I have to put up a press kit online and I'm not sure what goes there. Putting links to photos and cover art looks like a good thing to do. I'm going to try that.
My website is at if you want to check it out. Sans press kit.

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Your website is easy to navigate. When you hit the blog link, it didn't allow me to return to the website.
I think I may have visited your site before after a PPW blog. I really like the page on how to help an author you love.

Anonymous said...

It looks very nice, Beth, and easy to navigate. My only suggestion might be to use a san-serif font, like Arial or another. Research shows that sans-serif is easier to read on screen, as opposed to serif being easier to read on paper.

For example, the About Beth, Appearances, and Articles pages have quite a bit of text on them, and you might find readers more willing to linger if the font was sans serif and possibly slightly larger.

I also noticed, as did Stacy,that clicking the Blog link took me away from the web page. You can make it so the blog opens in a new page, or at least enables the Back button on the browser toolbar.

Good luck with the new series!


Anonymous said...

(Woops. Never mind. The Blog did open in a new page, and left the web site open. So that's why you can't go back. A matter of choice.)

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks, Kate, for the feedback. I just received an official press release PDF from Midnight Ink, so I'm going to have to add that to my Press Kit page, too.

Thanks, Stacy, for your feedback. The first link on my blog page sends you back to my author website, but it sounds like I need something more direct than that. I'll ask my husband website designer to look into that.

Thanks, Edith, for the font suggestion. I'll check with my hubby on that, too. I'm not sure how difficult a font change would be. I guess it depends on whether we do it for the WHOLE website or not. :)



Nice website and easy to navigate.

May I suggest a copyright line at the bottom?

- Linda