Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Break in the VBT for Announcements!

First announcement is that I need a Wikipedia editor. My Wikipedia entry, which was composed by someone else, is hopelessly outdated, and I don't have the time to learn how to make Wikipedia edits to fix it. If anyone who reads this IS knowledgeable about how to edit Wikipedia pages and is willing to update the page by mining my website, contact me there. For doing the update, you'll get a free autographed copy of Deadly Currents, and maybe some more books, depending on the effort you put into it.

Second announcement is that enough new subscribers have signed up for my email newsletter that I awarded another prize! Courtney from Ashburn, Virginia received an autographed copy of Deadly Currents as well as a mystery book written by another author I admire. I award a prize of one of my mystery books and 1-2 books by other mystery authors every time a hundred more subscribers sign up for my email newsletter. Those are great odds, so please sign up and encourage your friends to do so!

Third announcement is that Deadly Currents has received its first customer review on Amazon, and it's five stars! You can read it HERE. I couldn't be more pleased. What would REALLY please me is more people adding their reviews after they read Deadly Currents, so I hope you'll consider doing so!

Fourth announcement is that the new Winter Issue of Mystery Scene magazine, which should be hitting newsstands and mailboxes early next week, includes a New Books essay titled "Deadly Rsearch" written by me. Please pick up a copy and read about the research that went into the writing of Deadly Currents. A bonus is that handsome Robert Crais graces the cover. ;-)

Fifth announcement is that it's only THREE DAYS until the official release date of Deadly Currents!!! Are you excited? ... I am!

And now back to the regularly scheduled program, starting tomorrow, with the next stop on my virtual book tour.

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