Monday, May 16, 2011

A Family Milestone and Happy Occasion

This week, I'll be putting writing concerns aside, for the most part, to focus on a family milestone that we plan to celebrate in style. My son and youngest child will be graduating with a bachelor's degree this coming weekend from college. And my daughter and oldest child is flying in to stay with us for a week and join in the celebration.

We will attend the morning commencement ceremony, have a brunch party with relatives and close family friends at a nearby restaurant, then return to the house where my son lives with three roommates to watch him open gifts. After a dinner at the house, the "older adults" will gracefully leave, so the beer keg graduation/birthday party can commence (my son is turning 21 today, too).

What makes this occasion even happier for my husband and me is that our son has a full-time job waiting for him in the career field of his choice. In these economic times, that's truly something to be grateful for! In fact, both of our children are gainfully employed, though our daughter is planning to return to school next fall to further her education, with our blessing.

I plan to sip on some bubbly to celebrate the successful launch from college student into full-fledged adult life for our youngest and to savor the moment. Knowing how emotional I can get, I'm sure I'll shed some tears, but they will be tears of pride and joy.


Dru said...

Congrats to your son on his graduation and his new job.

E. B. Davis said...

Congratulations Beth. That milestone for me will come next year (hopefully), then she'll be onto grad school (hopefully). Your son's ability to get a job should be applauded. Dont' get too teary eyed. Next, moving him into an apartment (heave-ho) or, having him move back home (ahhh!).

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks, Dru and E.B., for your congrats.

My son has been living in a house with three roommates for a couple of years, and he will stay there when he starts work, since it's not too far from his job. So, no move involved!

Greys Anatomy Episode Guide said...

its another wonderful event in your family, Your son will truly succeed in his field since He is very diligent and doesn't think about getting a break after school