Friday, May 13, 2011

Large Print Books

I received two nuggets of information about large-print versions of my books today. The first piece of news is that Thorndike Press will release a large-print version of Deadly Currents on July 27th. The Amazon preorder page for it is HERE. I'm glad that I can now give a definite date to readers who have been asking me when a large-print version will come out!

The second nugget of information was a terrific royalty statement (with a large check attached) summarizing the large-print sales of To Hell in a Handbasket in the last half of 2010. The Amazon page for that book format is HERE. I'm so very pleased by how well the large-print version has sold, which to me is an indication that libraries have gotten their hands on some book-buying money again. Libraries provide such a service to those readers who are vision-impaired by making large-print and audio book formats available to their patrons!

And this is a reminder to writers that the subsidiary rights (large-print, audio, foreign, etc.) for your books can be very valuable and should never be given away for nothing. This is where a good literary agent can help you.

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