Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Malice Domestic 2011 - Report Two

I finished the first report on the Malice Domestic conference in Bethesda, Maryland with the Guppies lunch Saturday. After that I listened to Nancy Pickard's interview of Carole Nelson Douglas and the panel of nominees for the Nonfiction Agatha Award. Then I got dressed for the banquet and met the "Mystery Babes" at the bar. Con Lehane, standing behind Meredith Cole in the first photo graciously took the second photo--and many others. He and I also had a conversation about social networking at the pre-banquet reception, and we're now Facebook friends.

The following photos were taken at the pre-banquet reception, which got very hot and stuffy before the doors to the banquet room were thrown open. The first shows me with Linda Randig, the second shows Midnight Ink authors Kathleen Ernst, Deborah Sharp, and Alice Loweecey with editor Terri Bischoff (second from the left), and the third shows Midnight Ink authors Lois Winston, Jessie Chandler, and Jess Lourey.

The next few photos were taken at the banquet. The first shows my roommate Vicki Doudera with Alice Loweecey, the second shows Best First Novel Agatha Award nominee Alan Orloff with his wife, and the third shows our complete table.

Sunday morning, I attended the Sisters in Crime breakfast, then rode the Metro down to National Airport to pick up a rental car and drive it back to the hotel. I got back in time to check out, have lunch with my editor Terri Bischoff and some fellow Midnight Ink authors and attend the closing tea. The photo below shows some of my tablemates at the tea.

More events and more photos to come!

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