Friday, March 09, 2012

Water Sports Blogs and Websites I Recommend

Given that my RM Outdoor Adventures mystery series has a whitewater river ranger as its sleuth, you would expect me to have my finger on the pulse of the whitewater sports community, and you would be right. If reading Deadly Currents has piqued your interest in this activity and you want to learn more, here's some recommended blogs and websites:

American Canoe Association

American Rivers blog, a river conservation organization that I support

River Ranger blog (particularly if you're inspired to become a river ranger and are looking for job postings)

Waterblogged, the blog for O.A.R.S. for a list of outfitters serving each state with whitewater rivers

Whitewater Rafting for similar information about outfitters throughout the US

Rafting Colorado website for information about Colorado outfitters's Whitewater festival calendar

FIBArk whitewater rafting festival website

US National Whitewater Center website, where our Olympic whitewater athletes train


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Beth. I also respectfully submit my own blog, which contains interviews and more as I write my second WV rafting history book. Thanks, and I understand if you'd rather not approve this comment. It is a little on the shameless side.
Jay Young

Beth Groundwater said...

I'm always happy to connect with another soul who loves running whitewater rivers and who writes about the adventure!

John Shoresurf said...

Nice article reading about adventures and exciting experience makes me happy. Its really fun.

Water Sports Store said...

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