Monday, November 12, 2007

Colorado Association of Libraries Conference

Last Saturday, I attended the Colorado Association of Libraries Conference in Denver. I presented a workshop on "Arranging for Authors to Speak at Library Programs." I could approach the subject from two perspectives, as an author and as someone who also has to arrange for authors to speak at programs as VP of Programs at Pikes Peak Writers. The librarians who attended my workshop were complimentary and especially appreciative of the handout I provided that listed writing organization contacts around the state.

Also, representatives from Borders manned a booth in the vendor area, offering a corporate/library discount program and selling keynote speakers' books and a variety of other books they thought might be of interest to librarians. I asked if they'd take a box of my books to sell on consignment and they agreed. I signed six at the conference and they kept another six. I also connected well with their two sales account managers for the northern CO & Montana region and the southern CO & New Mexico region, and I hope to be able to arrange some personal and/or PPW signings through them soon.

I made a lot of great contacts at the conference, including the new librarian at my son's high school, who gave me a card for him with a note offering a free coffee at the flavored coffee/cocoa bar she's instituted to attract students into the school library. And this conference had the BEST afternoon snack--Dove chocolate covered ice cream bars. Librarians were humming in universal ecstasy as we massed in the lobby and savored the snacks. All-in-all a great way to spend a Saturday!

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