Friday, November 30, 2007

A No Show Event

Tne life of an author is not all fun and roses. I had a minor set back last night. A local library booked me for an event to demonstrate how to make gift baskets for the holidays, and by-the-way talk about my book, which features a gift basket designer sleuth. The library promoted it in local newspapers, on the local NPR radio station, with fliers at the library and on their website. They advertised hot drinks and goodies and frequent prize drawings. I came early with two huge bags of baskets, gift contents, and decorations and set it all up on a worktable in the main room. Then the librarian and I waited, chatted with each other,...and waited, sipped tea and hot chocolate while the hot water pot perked,...and NO ONE came. Bummer! I don't blame the library at all. They did a great job on promotion. As I told the embarrassed librarian, it's just one of those things that happens in the life of an author. We've all got to get used to occasionally having those events where no one shows up, for who knows WHAT reason.

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