Friday, November 16, 2007

I Have a New Agent!

I'm pleased to announce that Sandra Bond, Bond Literary Agency, has offered representation and I have accepted. She read my Wicked Whitewater manuscript and says its ready to submit to publishers as is (I have my critique group to thank for that), so I'm anxious to see what kind of reception it will get from editors. Sandra will also be working on selling audio and paperback rights for my Five Star books after she markets WW. I've met her in person and had a few phone call conversations with her, and I'm very excited about working with her. I think we've hit it off well.

Sandra is my second agent. My first, Barret Neville, had to drop his mystery clients and focus on nonfiction only due to financial considerations. I understood the decision, and he helped me in my search for a new agent by referring me to some other mystery agents he knew. My need to find a new agent only a year and a half after signing with my first one after a 2-year search was discouraging for me. It was so hard to find the first one, then I had to turn around and start looking again so soon. However, the second search went much quicker (about 7 months), and I had to query fewer agents (8 versus 90) to find one who fell in love with my writing.

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