Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I just discovered that Amazon has discounted copies of my second Claire Hanover gift basket designer book, To Hell in a Handbasket, by a huge 41%, resulting in a price of $15.32 per hardcover copy. That's lower than my author discount! As I said before, I never know when they're going to put my books on sale or for how long, so please take advantage of this offer as soon as possible here. Claire's adventures in Breckenridge, Colorado, skiing, snowshoeing, and riding a snowmobile await you!

The first book in the series, set in Colorado Springs, Colorado and titled A Real Basket Case, is discounted 12% on Amazon, so you can get the two for a sweet price of $38.15 instead of for just under $52.


Tea said...

This is such a good mystery. Why in the world did they lower the price?

Beth Groundwater said...

Hi Tea,
Good question! I suspect they did it because they had more books in stock than what they predicted would sell in X months, based on the past few months of sales. I think Amazon has an automatic algorithm that does this, to keep their inventory at a manageable level.

Tea said...

That makes sense. It doesn't always work in the author's favor.