Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Tomorrow's Guest Blogger: Penny Warner!

Tomorrow fellow mystery author Penny Warner will be a guest on my blog. Penny has published over 50 books, both fiction and non-fiction, for adults and children, including over a dozen party books. Her latest book, How to Host a Killer Party, is the first in a new mystery series. Her books have won national awards, garnered excellent reviews, and have been printed in 14 countries.

Penny's first mystery, Dead Body Language, in her Connor Westphal series featuring a deaf reporter in the California Gold Country, won a Macavity Award for Best First Mystery and was nominated for an Agatha Award. Her non-fiction book, The Official Nancy Drew Handbook, also was nominated for an Agatha Award. Being a huge Nancy Drew fan, I have a copy of that book and treasure it!

Penny Warner writes for party sites such as (my favorite!),,, and, and with her husband Tom creates interactive murder mystery fundraisers for libraries across the country. She can be reached at her website.

Penny will be talking about her killer blog tour tomorrow and will be available to answer questions that you pose in comments. I hope my blog readers will give her a very warm welcome!


Beth Groundwater said...

Hi Penny,
Here's some comments from Facebook on this post:

Suzze Myers Tiernan:
Love, Love, Love Panny Warner!

Chris Hamilton:
Penny was supposed to be at the Florida Writers Conference last year, but had some issues come up. I hope everything is going great for her.

Julie Lomoe:
Penny sent me this book because we're planning a visit on my blog too. It's great - hilarious but poignant, and I love the treatment of the heroine's ADHD. Haven't read anything this entertaining in ages. And no, this isn't a paid endorsement! Penny, we'll have to set a date for your visit.

Deborah Sharp:
Don't know Penny .... but LOVE that profile pix.

Jackie Houchin:
I've read all her Conner Westphal mysteries which have a deaf protagonist/sleuth. I love them. Will have to try her new series too.

Tea said...

I must, must read the Party Planning cozies by Penny Warner. Poisoned chocolates, a bride, death in a bay and Alcatraz???? Wow! all of that gets my reading bug excited. Love it!

Thanks Beth and Penny Warner.

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks, Tea, for your comment, and I hope you enjoy Penny's book as much as you enjoyed mine. :)

Tea said...

It's very unusual for me to dislike any cozy. I love the settings, the characters, etc. They are so much fun.