Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tarot Card Reading

At a charity silent auction awhile back in Breckenridge, CO, I bid on and won a Birth Chart Analysis and Tarot Card Reading to be performed by Lisa White, whose business is Holistic Life Strategy. I thought the analysis and reading would be fun and enlightening and looked forward to it. This afternoon we sat down for the Tarot Card Reading, and Sunday, after she emails me my Birth Chart, we'll discuss that over the phone.

Lisa brought a number of decks over for me to draw from. She explained that the cards are used as a communication medium for our souls to make things known to our conscious selves. The issue I wanted to gain insight into was my husband's and my planned move to Breckenridge after we sold our house in Colorado Springs, which seems to be stuck.

We started with Archetype Cards to get more insight about myself, and I drew three:
Martyr - learning the transcendent nature of service to oneself or a cause
(I've always been active in service. I had pulled out of my Colorado Springs service committees/positions in preparation for the move, but since the house hasn't sold yet and I haven't gotten involved in new causes in Breckenridge, my soul is missing the positive feedback I get from performing service.)
Queen - owning your own power, being self-assured and centered
(I'm a Leo and a first-born and a natural leader, so this fit with my personality. Lisa also interpreted it to mean that before I plunge into committing to too much after we move, the Queen should set boundaries for me.)
Lover - unbridled appreciation for passions/interests/others
(We interpreted this to mean that my passion for the outdoors is infusing itself into both my writing and choice of where to live and should also direct my service work, which it is, as I'm planning fundraiser booksignings of Deadly Currents to support river preservation nonprofits.)

Then it came time to draw from the Tarot deck to gain insight into the question of what's holding up the house sale and move. The three cards I drew were:
Harmony - Lisa interpreted this as the need to make choices in relationships.
(My husband and I need to start planning for the physical process of the move and to make choices we agree on. Also, we need to work on how we can maintain relationships important to us (such as my critique group) after the move.)
Conflict & Defeat - Lisa interpreted this as the reason that we had been unable to sell the house is that we were in conflict over it, dreading all the work of the move, and had let that dread prevent us from going forward.
(We need to begin again the process we had stopped of shedding possessions, bringing other possessions up to Breckenridge and planning for the physical move process.)
The Horse King - representing assistance and control
(We need to be more proactive in controlling and preparing for our move, and getting assistance in the process, versus just waiting for the house to sell.)

I was happy with the insights I gained, and I'm looking forward to the Birth Chart Analysis. I'll fill you in on that, too. If anyone who lives in Summit County, Colorado would like to use Lisa White's services, contact me at my website, and I'll give you her phone number.


Anonymous said...

Wow, never figgered you one for Tarot, but cool, Beth--thanks for sharing! :-] Haven't had a Tarot reading in years and years....

And wish you all the best in making "that" decision and the move!

Beth Groundwater said...

Thanks for the comment, Frank. I don't know as if I'm a real believer in the power of Tarot, but it's kind of fun--much like the Ouija Board was when I was a teen.

I feel the real value of things like this is to make us pause and reflect on an issue or decision and listen to what our gut/heart/subconscious has to say.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I don't believe the paths to our lives can be predicted (nor do I believe in the inflexibility of Fate), but I do believe exactly what you said--that such functions can give an "immediate" insight, and maybe throw a hint or two our way. :-]

In any event, I wish you all the best in your efforts, Beth!

Atell Psychic Tarot said...

Interesting post Beth, I've just found your blog and was surprised to see someone write so openly about their reading and experience with the Tarot. It's refreshing! I'm with one of your other commenters fpdorchak on this one tho: the Tarot or any psychic reading can open one's eyes to immediate influences and how that could affect future outcomes but it's what we do with what we're given in any moment in time that affect our outcomes. I tend to think of readings as a spiritual 'GPS', it can show you the way and tell you what to expect, but you're behind the wheel, which is quite empowering. :-) Wonderful post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!