Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Slippin' and A Slidin' and A Signin'

I had a great Fourth of July weekend, and I hope everyone else did, too. In today's blog, I'll share some photos of my Saturday. That afternoon was my signing for Deadly Currents at The Next Page Bookstore in Frisco, Colorado (see photo below).

The signing was a fundraiser for the Gore Range Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We actually had an attentive audience of about ten folks at the beginning who listened to the chapter representative talk about their activities and to me talk about myself and the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventure series then do a very short reading. (Since I'm a terrible actress, I don't read well and hate doing readings, so when stores ask me to, I make them very short.) Then the signing began (see photo below). By the end, the store only had two copies left, so I'm sure they were happy with the result. I know I was!

After the signing was over, my husband and I changed into casual clothes and headed over the to Peak 8 Fun Park at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. We had volunteered to pick up trash at the resort on Thursday morning in exchange for a barbecue lunch and a free ticket to ride one of the attractions. Unfortunately, it rained that afternoon, shutting down most activities, so we put off our ride to Saturday. We were anxious to try the "world's longest tubing hill." It's so long that you ride it in two segments, with a stop in the middle (see photo below, showing folks lining up to ride the second segment).

The ride was great fun, slidin' down the hill at high speed, as you can see from the two photos below. It was even fun slippin' around in the spring corn snow in athletic shoes while trying to walk out of the landing zone for each segment. If you want to try the SuperTubing Hill yourself, you'd better go soon, because the snow is melting fast. And here's a hint, either ride it first thing in the morning when it opens up and the sun hasn't softened up the snow much, slowing down the ride, or ride it in the last hour that the park is open (as we did), after the hill goes back into the shade and it starts freezing up again. You want the fastest ride possible, right?!

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