Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fruits and Vegetables

Yesterday at the Inkspot blog, I talked about editing a manuscript--and my body. I said one of the strategies I'm using to reshape my body is to eat lots and lots of organic fruits and vegetables to push all the high-calorie and high-fat foods off my plate. To do this, my husband and I have signed up for a double vegetable share and a single fruit share from Grant Family Farms in Colorado. The farm is a certified organic CSA (community supported agriculture) operation. Supporters like us pay for food shares to be delivered directly from the farm to us via a drop-off location (usually a private home) in our town or neighborhood. To learn more, and to see if there is a CSA farm near you, start your research at the Grant Family Farms website.

Anyway, below is last week's delivery, spread across half of my kitchen counter:

Clockwise from the top left are tomatoes, plums, peaches, two heads of lettuce (leaf and butter), two green peppers, spinach, parsley, mustard greens, cilantro, beets, carrots, green onions, an eggplant, four zucchini, and two cucumbers. That's a lot of food! What did I do with it? Well, we ate lots of salads, vegetable stir-fries and omelets with veggies, of course. And, we had whole fruit for breakfast, snacks, and desserts. I made zucchini brownies and a plum-peach cobbler. I also made peach salsa for tacos, and my husband grilled eggplant planks brushed with olive oil and ground garlic (yum!). Everything was seasoned with the cilantro, parsley and/or green onions, as well as spices we had on hand.

I can't wait to see what I get this week!


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Sounds aboslutely yummy!!! What a good idea for getting your fresh produce...

Beth Groundwater said...

Yes, Pat, the veggies and fruit are really yummy, because they're picked at their peak and trucked to us right away.