Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My novella is available for 40% off preorder!

My long-awaited science fiction novella, The Epsilon Eridani Alternative, will be released in late November in eBook, eSerial, and paperback formats by Virtual Tales. The publisher is waiting to see how many pages the paperback will be once it's typeset to set the price, but they expect it to be under $10. To register for the pre-order mailing list for it, e-mail As soon as the novella goes to press, you will receive an e-mail with a link to purchase it for 40% off the cover price. If you're still interested, simply click the link and finalize your purchase. For more information and to see the beautiful cover art, go HERE.

Here's the blurb:

What would you do if confronted with a kill or be-killed scenario? What if you had to kill an infant? Of an alien species? And what if the future of the human race depended on your decision? The Epsilon Eridani Alternative novella explores a timely ethical issue--the use of stem cells for medical research--but with a futuristic twist. Space colonists from Earth face the dilemma of whether or not to harvest stem cells from alien infants to counteract the effects of human aging.

"Entertaining and thought-provoking. Groundwater uses engaging characters to adeptly contrast the intellectual, biological, and emotional urges we have to protect our species."

-- Laura E. Reeve, author of the Major Ariane Kedros Novels

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