Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Writer's Week

This repeat post, from November, 2008, describes some of the many things a writer does for her career other than writing. I can say I'm just as busy with non-writing activities now as I was then! This will be my last repeat blog post while on my South Africa vacation, and after I recover from jet-lag, I hope to post some trip reports and photos.

Little did I know when I embarked on this new career as a writer how much of my time would be spent on tasks OTHER than writing. This past week I did the following:

- Contacted a bookstore to determine the status of my payment for consignment books, then deposited the check when it arrived,
- Mailed a copy of A Real Basket Case to a Japanese publisher interested evaluating it for publication in Japan,
- Participated in a 20-author library signing event,
- Attended a meeting of the local MWA chapter,
- Wrote the minutes for the local Sisters in Crime board meeting, mailed them out, and sent out an invitation to the members for our December tea,
- Went to my own book club meeting and discussed The Yiddish Policeman's Union,
- Had coffee with a new writer starting on his first novel-length manuscript to offer advice and encouragement and gave advice to another writer on novella markets,
- Made plans to host a fellow author on my blog next month and to host a discussion in a Facebook group next week,
- Started a list of revisions to my author website for my hubby to implement next week,
- Reviewed a second edit of my science fiction novella, The Epsilon Eridani Alternative, and returned my comments and revisions to the editor at Virtual Tales,
- Kept up with my email loops, social networks, and this, my blog, and
- Prepared a talk I will give tomorrow to the local chapter of Pen Women about "Networking Your Way to Success in the Creative Arts."

The only new fiction I wrote this week was one paragraph of new text for the novella. Gotta do better next week!


The BEDBUG Blog said...

There is so much more to writing than most people realize.

Writers have to be multi-taskers with such a range of skills.

I'm glad I came across this blog. It looks interesting. I've always loved suspence.

antgirl said...

I've been getting a taste of that lately. I certainly enjoyed your visit in Bend. :) Hope you're having a fabulous trip.

Anonymous said...

There are so many things involved with the freelance creative's life that don't involve creativity! It's frustrating. Some days I'll only get maybe a couple of hours in actually painting/drawing/whatever, the rest is promotion, administrative stuff, etc.

Sheila Deeth said...

Ah, jet-lag. Wishing you well, and I enjoyed the post. Dreaming...