Saturday, October 03, 2009

Second Eons Author Online Event

I have been an active member of the Eons social network since July, 2007, a few months after the release of my first book, A Real Basket Case. The official blurb describing the network states, "Eons is the online community for spirited BOOMers who want to explore their passions, keep in touch with friends, connect with interesting people to share life experiences, and most of all have fun."

So, most of the members are over forty but still young enough to enjoy partying. And they're throwing a big party today for all the authors on Eons, the Second Eons Author Online Event. You can meet online with authors, chat with them, enjoy free workshops, win prizes in contests, and learn all about their experiences in writing the books you love to read and how they do it!

If you're not already a member, follow the link above and sign up so you can participate in the event. It's free and easy to become an Eons member. Then head over to the Eons Book Gallery group to join in the fun. Click on the first "sticky message" at the top of the group page, WELCOME TO EONS BOOK GALLERY, to see the Roving Book Van with quick links to all of the books written by Eons authors, including my two mysteries (see the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller category).

Then go back and click on the second sticky message, INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT, to see how this whole shebang will work. Then scroll down the messages to find individual authors' "booths" (messages) and open those you're interested in. You may find a contest, workshop, chat or combination of the three happening in that booth. I will have a booth at the event, but since I'm out of the country until October 4th, it won't be interactive until after the event ends. However, if you post a question for me at my booth, I'll answer it on October 5th or 6th.

Lastly, I am "AuthorBeth" on Eons, so if you decide to join the network, or you're a member already and aren't a friend of mine yet, please visit my profile and send me a friend request! I hope you have a great time at the Second Eons Author Online Event.


Event Management Service said... has great network and lot of events registered on it. thanks for the information about eons....

Jean Henry Mead said...

Great photos, Beth, and what a terrific experience!