Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tomorrow's Guest: Catherine Dilts

Tomorrow, fellow Colorado mystery author Catherine Dilts will guest on my blog. She answers my interview questions, and I'm sure you'll be intrigued by what he has to say.  Also, Catherine will run a contest for an autographed ARC (advanced review copy) of her first mystery release, Stone Cold Dead, which features the manager of a rock shop. She will choose the winner from among those who leave a comment.

To Catherine Dilts, rock shops are like geodes – both contain amazing treasures hidden inside their plain-as-dirt exteriors. Publishers Weekly calls her novel Stone Cold Dead – A Rock Shop Mystery, an “enjoyable debut,” and that “readers will look forward to seeing more of this endearing and strong protagonist.” Catherine works as an environmental scientist, and plays at heirloom vegetable gardening, camping, and fishing. She has published short fiction in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. I know Catherine personally, and she's a great gal!

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